Power Sprayers (HTP)


Suction Capacity (lpm) 70
Normal Working Pressure 100 - 200 psi
Maximum Pressure 500 psi
Pump Revolution 950 rpm
Power 5 HP
L × W × H (in mm) 340 × 300 × 295
Weight (without oil & pulley) 17 kg (approx)


  1. Suitable for large spraying operations in Orchards, Coffee, ground crops etc.
  2. Sturdy/rugged construction
  3. Heavy duty & efficient sprayer
  4. Stainless steel piston
  5. All working parts are lubricated by oil bath
  6. Aluminum pressure die casting connecting Rod
  7. Control valve assly. With pressure regulator, by-pass
  8. Pulsation free spray


Ralli RTP-70 HTP horizontal triplex power sprayer unit, developing 500 PSI (35 Bar) pressure, supplied with pulley, glycerin filled pressure gauge, by pass cum pressure regulator valve, by-pass hose & suction hose with strainer

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