Knapsack Battery Operated Power Sprayers

Electric Sprayer Manufacturer


Chemical Tank Capacity Working Pressure Battery Weight
18 Litres 80 psi 12V 8.0 AMP 6.2 kg (w/o Battery)


  1. Same Sprayer we can use as Battery operated Sprayer and Manual Sprayer
  2. When battery not in use we can spray manualy
  3. Big Pressure chamber retain maximum pressure at the time of spraying
  4. Suitable for spraying in Paddy, Vegetables, Orchards and Plantations
  5. Light Weight
  6. Adjustable shoulder strap
  7. Convenient battery housing with charger point
  8. Made from PP Tank
  9. S.S. Telescopic lance with plastic cut off & plastic Nozzle
  10. Auto Cut-Off & Pressure regulator switch

General instruction:

RALLI 21 2 IN 1 Battery Sprayer is provided with 18 ltr capacity High Density Polyethylene tank. It is suitable for spraying in Paddy, Vegetables, Orchards and Plantations.

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