Rotary Filler / Power Weeder

For mechanized weeding & tilling operation, Ideal for vegetable, tea garden & tobacco growing farmers. Soil preparation for seeding, cultivation, leveling of uneven field etc.

Special Features

  1. 2-stroke 212 cc petrol engine having 5.3HP power output for optimum performance
  2. Gearbox with forward, first, second & reverse gear system is provided for power transmission
  3. Effectively uproots weeds & gives effective tillage
  4. HCS blade provided with protection disc reinforced blade guard
  5. Transportation wheel is provided for transportation purpose
  6. Efficient in fuel consumption
  7. Sturdy / rugged construction
  8. Engine produces high torque for better performance

Technical Specifications

Model RRT 100P
Engine Model RRT 170F/P Gasoline Engine
Rated Output/Rotary Speed (Kw/r/min) 4.0/3600
Bore & Stroke (mm) 70×55
Displacement 212 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 3.6
Driving Mode Gear Transmission
Gear R, Fast, 0, Slow
Rotor Speed With Engine At 3600 (r/min) Fast: 130 Slow: 101 Reverse: 73
No. Gear speed 2F+1R
Air Cleaner Oil Bath Type
Tilling Depth (cm) ≥10
Tilling Width (cm) 100
Blades Type 4-3/24pcs
Tire Type 4.00-8
Packing Wooden packing
Package Dimensions (mm) 885×520×700
Gross Weight (kg) 102
Optional Accessories Cage wheel, Water Pump, deep tillage blades & Plough
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