ULV Sprayers


Type Electrically Operated Ultra Low Volume Power Sprayer
Model ULV Pro
Tank Capacity 4 Ltr.
Discharge Capacity 5 to 25 Ltr./hour
Fog droplet diameter 0.5 µm (micron)
Spray distance 15 meters (closed environment)
Voltage 220V
Power 1000W
Motor Rating 1000W/Single phase
Motor RPM 20000
Cable requirement 3 core flexible


  1. Light Weight & Portable
  2. Easy to Handle
  3. Low Audible Noise Level & Trouble Free Operation
  4. Blow Moulded Tank
  5. Effective Coverage with Less Spray Solution
  6. No Mess after Spraying
  7. Cleaner Environment after Spraying
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